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Explosives Storage: Magazine

The Great Western Manufacturing Explosives Magazines comprises a range of modular designs with common doors, ends, venting systems and hold-downs, to cater for explosives, detonators, ordnance and other hazardous goods. Nominal storage capacities include: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 7500, 15000 Kgs.

Standard Features:

Magazine Options:

Magazine Capacities & Dimensions:

500 Kg1700mm950mm1800mm
1000 Kg2100mm1000mm1800mm
2000 Kg2400mm1500mm1800mm
7500 Kg2400mm6000mm2400mm
15000 Kg2400mm12000mm2400mm

Note: Above dimensions are external measurements and all capacities are nominal.

All Great Western Manufacturing explosives magazines are manufactured to comply with the relevant requirements of the Australian Standard: AS2187.1-1998 and to Quality Assurance Accreditation: ISO 9001.

7500Kg Explosive magazine for explosives storage

Explosive magazines for explosives storage: 7500kg (A converted shipping container)

Explosives magazine (2000Kg) for explosives storage

Explosives magazine (2000Kg) for explosives storage

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